Strategic Plan

Updated February 1, 2015

MISSION: Diversity Thunder Bay works towards an inclusive, equitable community free of racism and discrimination of any kind.

GUIDING PRINCIPLE: Diversity Thunder Bay believes that Thunder Bay should be a welcoming and safe place for individuals and groups regardless of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, class, creed, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, education, marital status, source of income, same-sex partnership status, family status or disability.


1. To develop partnerships with other community organizations to work on broader issues of diversity.

2. To ensure that the Diversity Thunder Bay membership is a true reflection of Thunder Bay’s population.

3. To develop and provide feedback on policies, procedures and action plans that will further the interests of Diversity Thunder Bay.

4. To encourage Diversity Thunder Bay member organizations to become more inclusive of diverse groups in Thunder Bay.

5. To undertake initiatives that will improve diversity and inclusion in Thunder Bay.

6. To share information, network and offer mutual support to municipal, regional, provincial, national and international groups who are interested in the areas of diversity and inclusion.
7. To support the work of the City of Thunder Bay Anti-Racism Committee.








Establish an   Executive Committee to oversee the work of DTB



1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Establish monthly meeting dates; write letters as required; take minutes at meetings; prepare an annual report; make name plates for members for meeting use; oversee financial sustainability; review applications for financial support and make recommendations; update strategic action plan regularly; send out information as requested by and to members; develop an annual budget for approval of members; report on membership.

Executive Committee

Meetings booked for 2015:

January 28; February 25; April 22; May 27; June 24; September 23; October 28 and November 25 in the McNaughton Room, City Hall

AGM – October - 2015

41 Members

Terms of Reference updated – January 2015



Focus on educational opportunities, both formal and informal



1, 3, 5, 6, 7


Identify speakers/months they will attend for presentations at Diversity Thunder Bay meetings

Education and Communications Committee


Public Education & Advocacy Working Group

Send representatives to serve on the working group to promote its work reporting back to DTB as needed.

“One City, Many Voices”

Column in Chronicle Journal Assist with coordination and write monthly articles.

Public Education and Advocacy Committee


Walk a Mile Film Project

View the films at DTB meetings and continue to promote throughout the community for additional viewing


Curriculum material has been designed.   Available through the Aboriginal Liaison office.

Feather of Hope Report

Work with the authors of this report regarding issues related to youth


Report is available.    Invitation extended to authors to develop a plan of action.

Human Rights Commission

Work with the Commission in their endeavours related to local issues and initiatives





Support and collaborate with other community organizations and initiatives



1, 2, 4, 6, 7


March 21 Breakfast

Organize the annual breakfast as a signature event for DTB.

Develop program, hire a coordinator, deliver the program, evaluate the event and report on outcomes

Breakfast Committee

2015 – Victoria Inn – March 19

Budget established – Speaker – Gabrielle Scrimshaw. Sponsorship package available. Promotion and registration on DTB website

City of Thunder Bay Anti-Racism Committee

Partnership with DTB.    Representatives from DTB sit on Anti-Racism Committee and report on their activities and possible areas of collaboration.   Hold a joint meeting with the Committee once annually.  

Paul Carr

Tina Tucker

Speaker in April – Becky Sasakamoose Kuffner – open community forum

Annual joint meeting postponed to late spring 2015

Crime Prevention Council - Keep updated on activities particularly related to hate crimes and the Hate Campaign



Pride Week - Support financially and attend events



Aboriginal Activities

Support National Aboriginal Day.   Work with the City’s Aboriginal Liaison Office


June 21, 2015

Black History Month - Support financially and attend events


February 7, 2015

Thunder Bay Counts – work with organization on matters related to racism and diversity




African Supper - Attend event


October 2014   - attended supper and program

Full Moon Walk - Support financially and attend



Business Sector - Continue working relationship with Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce, BIA’s, etc.





Support awareness activities



1, 3, 5, 6, 7

respect.   Award

Present award at Breakfast.    Financially sponsor the award.

Breakfast Committee


respect.   Campaign

Work with respect. campaign Anti-Racism Committee Working Group to promote the work of the campaign

Paul Carr

Michelle Lander

Tina Tucker


DTB Website

Continually review the content of the site.   Update with current activities, etc.

Communications and Education Committee

Lisa Owens serves as the website Operations Manager.   Update site with updated Terms of Reference,

Social Media

Use Facebook to promote and talk about DTB

Communications and Education Committee


Incidence Report Form

People to register racist and/or discriminatory incidents with a system for following up and a way of tracking incident numbers.    Work with community partners to develop a protocol, the form, promote, educate the community, place on website.   

Incidence Response Committee

Discussions with 211 network.    City Anti-Racism Committee working on this matter related to issues raised by LSPC Board


Support advocacy role related to issues



1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

As issues arise provide suitable responses

Executive Committee


Canadian Coalition of Municipalities against Racism Discrimination (CCMARD)

Continue relationship with national organization.   Provide DTB reports to CCMARD.  

Review 10 commitments at DTB meetings

Rebecca Johnson

10 th Anniversary of CCMARD – possibility of a national meeting in 2015.


Review 10 Commitments – provide list at February meeting

Monitor current and relevant issues.


Involve individuals knowledgeable about the issue.

Canadian Race Relations Foundation

Lisa Beckwick

Nomination submitted for the Annual Celebration Breakfast – not successful



Establish Committees to work on initiatives



Walid Chahal – Co-Chair   -   Rebecca Johnson – Co-Chair

Brenda Reimer – Secretary

Evelina Pan – Treasurer

Committee Chair:

Lisa Beckwick     -    Tina Tucker - Breakfast

Paul Berger - Education. & Communication

Brenda Reimer - Incidence

Paul Carr/Tina Tucker – Anti-Racism Committee Representatives

Serve as the public voice for DTB

Generally meet in August, January, May



Lisa Beckwick – Co-Chair   -   Tina Tucker – Co-Chair

Sandra Albertson     -      Walid Chahal

Linda McGuire   -   Ed Prinselaar   -   Charla Robinson

Pat Forrest - Coordinator



Communication & Education

Paul Berger –Chair

Walid Chahal    -     Ellen Chambers    -    Elizabeth Pim

Brenda Reimer    -    Monireh Seissan



Incidence Response

Brenda Reimer - Chair

Amina Abu-Bakare     -    Shawn Carney   -   Paul Berger

Paul Carr    -    Robin Haliak    -    Roseanna Hudson

Michelle Lander    -    Ann Magiskan

Moffat Makuto    -    Beth Ponka    -    Darren Prince

Brenda Reimer    -   Bob Simons

Diversity Thunder Bay is the lead on the Committee/Working Group


Public Education & Advocacy

Rebecca Johnson – Chair

Amina Abu-Bakare    -    Paul Berger -   Shawn Carney

Paul Carr    -    Walid Chahal    -    Sheri Fata

Jo-Anne Hamelin    -   Rebecca Hlady -   Maureen Nadin      Yolanda Wanakamik    -    Cathy Woodbeck

Kerri Youmans

The City of Thunder Bay Anti-Racism Committee is the lead on this Committee/Working Group.

Generally meet the third Thursday of the month from 4:30 to 5:30 pm in the Martin Room, City Hall.

Reports on activities are prepared for both DTB and the Anti-Racism Committee


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